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North Etiwanda Preserve, CA

The North Etiwanda Preserve hosts a small network of trails. There are several loop options available plus out and back. (For the truly adventurous types, you can connect these trails to others in the Mt Baldy Mtn Range.) Along these trails are remnants of the areas past, including native American and nineteenth century settlers. Most people come here for the waterfall. Yes, in the desert, there is a waterfall.

Starting at the trail-head, the trail heads north towards the mountains. The trail is easy to follow; wide with and starts out very well marked. It is wide and packed dirt. As you are hiking, there are trailside makers indicating the distance hiked along with your elevation.

The park closes at 6pm and they do lock the gates, so if you are day-hiking, you need to be cognizant of the time. Additionally, as this is a desert environment, bring plenty of water and sunblock. (Our very own Agent K received a slight sunburn in the middle of winter there.)

Getting there: The trailhead is located at 4890 Etiwanda Ave in Rancho Cucamonga, California. From CA 210, take exit 61 and turn north onto Day Creek Blvd. Stay on Day Creek Blvd until it ends at Etiwanda Ave. Turn left, the road ends at the parking lot for the preserve.

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