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Mt. Moosilauke

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Benton, New Hampshire is home to Mt. Moosilauke (heard pronounced as Moo-sill-ok and Moose-ill-lock-kee). The name translates to "Bald Place", as the summit is bald except for some crumbled structures and the natural flora.

The chose path was the Beaver Brook Trail. I knew this peak was over 4,000', and the trail one-way was was under 4 miles. This translates to a constant, consistent climb. Right away, before you can get too far, these thoughts manifest into reality.

As you may know, hikers have a sick sense of humor. They will tell you that the summit is 5 minutes away, or post signs like this. As sick as they may be, consider it a public service announcement. This path is harder on the way down than on the way up. It demands every bit of focus you have, and cautious footing always. A calm sea never made a great sailor.

The path hugs the cascades on the way up to the shelter. Some parts of the path are barely two feet wide with drops of over 40 feet down to the water. Take time to stop and enjoy some of the best waterfalls in New England. When you are done taking it in, return your focus to the path. As you come to the trail junction, you have another PSA

Slightly off path, the is a place to camp. There is an outhouse to provide some privacy, camp sites, and a shelter. If you want to stay in the shelter, show up early. This trail is on the AT, so there will most likely be others with the same idea. It is nice to have a solid shelter with a fire pit out front. Camp sites do not \ can not have fires.

After the shelter junction, the trail gets fun. It is not constant climbing upward anymore, and mixes it up with some spots where you descend. You travel around another summit on your way to Moosilauke, but not the roughest part of the mountain. At the summit, it all becomes worth it

There are some crumbled structures on the summit, spaces to rest out of the wind and have some lunch. This peak is popular, you will not be alone on the summit, even if you are at the top of sunrise. Make this trip a destination, and if you want something less treacherous, there are other options for the path up.

Things to consider:

-Consider traction. A rain storm passed our path right before we decided to descend. It was otherwise a sunny day.

-Trekking poles are a good idea. Though some kind soul put rebar into the stone to help people climb, there are some areas that have nothing. PS. Do not trust the rebar

-This is a busy trail, and the river crosses several times. You need to carry water beyond the shelter, you can filter and refill at any many points before.

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