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More than one reason to go to the library, Seekonk Meadows

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Nestled in Seekonk, MA behind the library is a park called Seekonk Meadows. There is a family friendly path that is good for all skill levels. There is plenty of parking at the library, and the entrance is toward the read of the parking lot.

Once you start, you cross a couple of signs that outline the history and purpose of the area. You start on a paved path through some sitting areas, perfect for a picnic. In the open field, there is a strong breeze, it is almost as if you were already miles away.

Shortly the path gives way to gravel and then dirt, and then you are surrounded by woodlands. There is a pond that the trail travels aside, where nature walkers and joggers occasionally pass by. There are plenty of good spots to sit by the water and take it all in.

This area is a great walk in all seasons. It is a short walk, and some paths lead out to streets. In fact, a wrong turn can lead you out to a neighborhood not too far from where you started.

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