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Love to camp but the little one are not ready for the wilderness? Here is a family friendly option.

If you are like me, you cannot wait to bring your kids to the great outdoors. If a rugged camping trip is not yet in their constitution, do not worry. There are family friendly options by the dozen. Here is a hidden gem located in Lancaster New Hampshire. I have visited this campground almost every year for the past 3 decades, and I hope to continue the tradition for another 30 years.

Rogers Campground is a family favorite destination

Rogers Campground is a great place to camp. They also offer cabins, RV's, and a motel for rent. Their tent sites are clean and grassy, which is outstanding for tenters who normally put up with dirt or gravel sites. The site cost is very reasonable at $25\per night at the time of this posting. They have also offered a promotion where if you rent 3 nights, they give you two for free. At a cost of $75 for the week, I could not pass it up. Your stay includes a great view of the mountains at all times and free hot water showers. Moms, do not worry, the toilets flush as well.

Close enough to call back for lunch

The children can stay busy at the pool, which is visible from many tent sites. During certain hours, the water slide is open. Yes, you read that right, there is a water slide on the property. After they have had their fill of water fun, kids usually flock to the playground, which is located between the tent sites and the pool. This means that parents are able to see their children at the pool and playground without leaving their tent site. This is helpful when preparing meals, but the kids just want to go play. Let them, they are within line-of-site at almost all times. There are also tennis courts, shuffel board, and horse shoes for the big kids to play too.

There is also an arcade by the camp store, so save your quarters before you go. After the quarter bad is empty, go next door to the camp store and ask for some golf clubs. A short walk away is the mini golf course. Kids love the open course where there is no need to wait in line for the next hole.

If all of this is not a reason to give them a call and book the next trip, there is more. Santa's Village is a mere 7 minutes away driving. Most parks in the area have a rule that is not well advertised. If you go to the park after 3pm and purchase a ticket, you will receive a second ticket to go to the park the next day. This also applies to Story Land which is 40 minutes away if the drive does not bother you. There are plenty of parks and trails in the area as well if you want to get some great views.

From Weeks Park Observatory, you can see in Canada and the surrounding mountain ranges

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