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Great views and family friendly, Mt. Gunstock and Belknap is a great family hike.

WIth trail options under 5 miles and mild grades, the kids can come with.

The Gunstock loop trail is a simple option for anyone looking for a peaceful day hike. Pack some lunches and the kids, it is time to hit the trails on this scenic route. There are various options to shorten or extend your trip, and trails are well marked. The trail keepers were so kind as to strategically place picnic tables and benches along routes to stop for lunch or to rest with a seat. The mountains overlook Lake Winnipesaukee, and views can extend into Vermont and Soutwestern New Hampshire.

List on the "58 with a view", these mountains do not disappoint. What these peaks lack in stature, they make up for in their consistent ascent. It is easy to underestimate this trail, and be swiftly punshed for the insolence.

Gunstock has a Out-House at the summit, and one of the finest Out-Houses I have seen in some time, may I add. Since there are ski trails, there is also a road and a ski lift at the site. If it is a speedy descent you require, there are zip lines for the express route down the mountain. Belknap has a fire tower at the summit. Keep it to one person at a time when traversing the stairs, it was not meant for more than one person. Nearby is a well pump for refilling your water (after filtering of course.)

Fire tower at summit of Belknap

Along these moderate trails, wildlife can be found every other step. The paths are well worn and populated with nooks for viewing the mountain ranges, hidden benches, and whimsical rock formations. There are also structures toward the summits that are not too far off of the path, these are electrical stations, best to stay clear. Just remember which trail you will be travelling, following that color marker, and enjoy!

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