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Find a variety of activities in Lincoln Woods

Updated: Jan 5, 2020

If you live in Rhode Island, you may have been to Lincoln Woods. My high school would have their walk-a-thons there, but would not venture off of the road during the event. Years later, I decided to return to see what they had to offer. I was in for a surprise.

Like nature trails, well, there are trails to spare. The terrain varies, so you can go easy, or trek 30% grades off trail (in small doses). There is a place to rock climb if that is up your alley, and picnic areas for the family to enjoy. Right away, I knew I had to come back with my kayak, since there was a nice pond not too far from the entrance. There was a road next to the pond in some places, so I knew I could simply pull over and put in.

The pond is not vast by any means, but is large enough where you can escape people to a private area or just get a closer look at nature. During my paddle, I came across an area designated for swimming. The waters were shallow there, so the water was pretty warm. Enough to cool down, but comfortable enough where you do not want to get out. After 15 minutes or so, I was back in the yak and off.

There were plenty of areas where if you wanted to fish, jump off of rocks, or just sunbathe in absolute peace, you could. There is also a variety of spits where you could get out and explore. Protruding from the water in some areas were some sort of man made structures. I do not know anything about this area, and it still intrigues me to this day what was there before.

Whenever I see spots like this, I need a closer look. There were no trails, no roads, pretty much no other way to access this area other than to bushwhack your way and hope you end up there. As expected, signs of life were abundant. Aquatic animals and woodland creatures were all visible from my kayak, in some cases, close enough to touch.

This guy decided that he did not want to model for my picture, but the joke is on him. Either he was embarrassed, or he saw lunch somewhere else. Either way, he was not sticking around. If you find a warm day where you want an easy paddle and enjoy some family fun, consider Lincoln Woods if you are in Rhode Island

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