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Epic trip destination: Tumbledown Mtn

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Tumbledown Mountain is located in Weld, Maine. The Brook trail was the chosen path, though others exist on this mountain. Roughly 2.5 miles up and another 2.5 back, it starts off as a pleasant walk in the woods. When we arrived at the trail head, we were the last car that could fit in the small parking lot. When we got back down the next day, there were buses and cars lining the street with people everywhere. This is a popular spot with the locals.

The brook trail crosses a stream several times, you can save weight by filtering water when you need it opposed to packing a full 3 liters. Any time there is a mountain with a short trail to the top, that should be the time that you think to yourself "How difficult is this going to be?" There is a little over 1,800 ft of elevation gain on this path, and most of it is saved for the end. Common criteria for a mountain.

Before you reach the summit, there is a lake with some sand beach and some rocky. Camp sites are tucked off in the back, and you have a view of Tumbledown and Little Jackson. Easily reachable in a short amount of time. Explore the camp sites in the woods, or scout a nice spot on the rocks.

Only the hard: Swim to the island in the lake for insurance that you will not have visitors.

The view to the is spectacular from the camp sites, which improves the flavor of morning coffee. Spend the day relaxing on the beach, sunbathe on the rocks, or slack-pack the nearby peaks. Fires are not allowed, and trees have been stripped in the area for kindling. Be kind to nature, never use anything living for firewood.

Things to consider if...

You are hiking:

-Pack light and bring a water filter. Refill as needed

-Pay close attention to the trail. It is easy to get turned off on the way down. Way off

You are camping:

-If you plan on cooking, bring a decent camp stove. The wind will make it difficult for some models that are not designed for it.

-The lake is located in the cauldron of the surrounding peaks, so you are pretty exposed. 50 degrees sounds like nice camping weather, but being exposed to the wind for long periods can cause hypothermia.

-Have a decent tent. My group enjoyed a lightning storm, a rain storm, and a hail storm in the same night. Be prepared

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